Bloomington Broomball League Rules

All games will played at Tretbaugh Park (southeast corner of France Ave & 90th St in Bloomington). The warming house will be open at 6:00 pm each league night. No alcohol or smoking is allowed in the warming house.

All rosters must be given to the league director before your first game is played. If you do not plan on playing in an MSF state tournament, disregard the state roster and only present the league roster. Roster limit is 17 players (in accordance with Minnesota Sports Federation rules).

If a game is canceled due to inclement weather, all make up games will be made up on Sunday or with double headers (see schedules for dates). Information on make-up games will be posted on Inclement weather notifications will also be posted on the home page.

General Rules

USA Broomball rules will apply. Here are some points of emphasis.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! 

Play-off Rules
Games will be 20 minute running time halves. Stop time starting at 2:00 minutes left if goal differential is less than 4 goals.  Mercy rule in effect in the 2nd half if the goal differential is 8 or more. 

Over time is 4 on 4, no goalies. Player cannot be in the crease to make the save. No player can be in the crease before the ball and attacking player must be across the red line to score a goal.