Thursday Co-Rec Broomball League

Thursday Co-Rec - Season Schedule

Thursday Playoffs - games scheduled to start 6:20 pm on 2/21

Thursday night is reserved for co-rec teams. Our co-rec league is played 6 on 6 with three men and three women on the ice at all times. As always, USA Broomball rules apply and USA Broomball certified officials are employed for all games. Please use the Contact button at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.

Reminder: Helmets are required but no longer available for rent.



League Standings

Broomski McStickertons 3-2-1
B-Town Bruisers - ShantyTown 2-4
Chilly Willies 4-2
Minehart Family 1-4-1
MN Speling Champins 2-4
Sofa King Lazy 2-4
Sweeping Beauties 5-1
Team Smashley 2-3-1
The Cleansweeps 1-5
The Dogs 4-1-1
Y-US 5-1