Broomball League FAQ

When does the league start?

Weather permitting, the 2016 league will start December 22nd for Tuesday and Wednesday; January 7th for Thursday

How long is the season and what are the game times?

Game times run 6:30, 7:30, 8:30 and 9:30 pm each night. The season is typically 8 weeks long (6 weeks of league play plus 1-2 weeks at least for playoffs). Games vary from week to week.

When are Manager Meetings?

Meetings will be held the middle of December. Team managers will receive an email with meeting times.

How much does it cost?

Registration for our privately run league is $400.

Does the league supply equipment?

No, each player must provide their own stick and footwear. Helmets are required, but not available for rent. Pads are not a required piece of equipment, but they are recommended.

Are broomball shoes required?

No, broomball shoes are not required, but they are strongly recommended. Broomball shoes, tennis shoes and boots are all legal forms of footwear. Shoes with metal spikes or other "doctored" footwear are not considered legal. Limited shoes and sticks are available for rent in the warming house.

Are helmets required?

Yes, helmets are required. Helmets with facemasks are required for goalies. Helmets are not available for rent.

What is legal goalie equipment?

Bloomington Broomball abides by USA Broomball rules. Goalies may use a hockey blocker and a protective glove on the other hand. Any form of mitt used in other sports to catch a ball or puck with is not considered legal.

What is the difference between Tuesday and Wednesday men's leagues?

The Tuesday league is designed for teams that want to play in tournaments or want to play those types of competitive teams. The Wednesday night is designed for class D teams that are either first year or purely recreational teams.

I don't have a team, how do I get on one?

Send your contact information (name, email, phone, preferred league) through the Contact Us/Mailing List form (to your left). We will add you to a draft list that is handed out to all team managers. If a team needs an extra player, it is up to them to call you. We make no guarantees that you'll be called to play on a team.

How many people are allowed on the ice?

Bloomington uses USA Broomball's rule book, so regulation play is six on six. If you are playing on a co-ed team, then three women and three men must be on the ice at all times. A woman can play goalie and still count toward the three female minimum.

Why is it important that USA Broomball certified officials are used?

USA Broomball certifies officials every two years. Each referee must attend an 8 hour course and pass an exam before receiving their certification. Using certified officials means Bloomington Broomball is dedicated to providing a safe, quality program to each team that registers for the league.